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An outdoor sitting area such as a patio can add significant value to the property. So, get tailored service to keep your patio clean and attractive.

A dirty, grimy patio invites infections. We will, if required, initially pre-treat your dirty patio in Dublin. Then, stay healthy with our innovative techniques. We enhance your patio’s look, making it long-lasting.

Services we provide:

  • To avoid damaging softer pavers or stones, we used customized water pressure and temperature for cleaning.
  • We use eco-friendly chemicals to treat severe weed-infested or algae growths on patios.
  • Our experts employ professional power washing and pressure washing equipment to clean your dirty patio completely.
  • To stabilize the whole patio area, we apply grout into the joints, making it good as new.
  • We apply a top-quality patio sealer to protect it from stains and external damages.
  • For oily or greasy stains, we will likely use the best-quality cleaning agents that are both effective and safe for the environment.
  • Our patio sealer, protect the surface against future dirt, grime, and stains. So, choose from a variety of sealers.
  • We also replace the old patio with a new one to maintain the aesthetic value of your property.

Our goal is to enhance appearance and performance, so choose from a wide range of patio styles – traditional or contemporary. Irrespective of the patio surface, be it concrete, bricks, pavers and stone, we provide the best cleaning service.


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